Candidate performance and how to predict it before you hire

We all know the situation all too well. We finally have the great candidate we have always wanted. He has a great CV, skills we really need, is a great fit for the team and managed to rock the interview. It just all comes together so perfectly. So we hire him. And he fails.

It might be due to some small flaw in personality that we did not see. Maybe he was not assertive enough to rein in his sales team. Maybe he was not able to cooperate with colleagues on a long-term basis. Maybe he was just not motivated enough.

But he seemed so good at the interview. Could we have seen it in advance?

New era of new jobs brings new requirements on candidates.

One´s personality and motivation are more important than ever. Just now, they are the main drive behind candidates´ success or failure. And they are damn hard to be measured reliably, as any experienced recruiter would tell you. Candidates are getting smarter and as the market evolves, they are much more experienced with interviews. It is becoming very very hard to tell if the candidate  is telling the truth about his/her motivation. Or is he/she just saying what you want to hear? For candidates nowadays, it is not that hard to play the right role for an hour or so until the interview is over.

Yeah, that looks glum. So is there a way to get reliable data about candidates?

One way is to do lengthy and high quality Assessment Centres. Those have much better chance of reliably measuring candidates´ true motivation, skills and personality. But they are really costly if you want to do them right.

Another way is to use online psychodiagnostic tools.

Such methods provide a quick and efficient insight into candidates´ personality, motivation, stress management and anything else you need in order to know whether you want to hire them. A big advantage of these methods is that they are usually very hard to distort. They are developed with the possibility that the candidate will lie in mind and have various control scales built in them.

And once you can reliably measure personality, motivation, etc. of your candidates, it is just one short step from predicting their performance as well. Either via a competency model or, even better, via statistical analysis you can find out the key characteristics that are linked to the performance at a specific job. One such specific group are salesmen, where you can easily increase the sales performance of new hire by up to 150%. Simply by observing which traits are crucial for the job and by using high quality tools that are hard to deceive.

Our job is to provide just such tools to ensure your success.

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This article was written by Tomas Sedlon, Head Analyst at TCC online, who helps companies grow and pick the right talents via effective use of online diagnostic tools and predictive assessments.

Tomas Sedlon

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