perfect employee feedback, real-time and continuous

Perfeed – online tool for perfect employee feedback, easy to use, real-time reporting and result tracking


Do you ever wonder if you were understandable enough in the meeting?

The most effective and powerful feedback is immediate.

Perfeed is an online tool which provides real-time and continuous feedback within a company; from employees, external customers or from any other selected person.

It’s easy to use – anyone can get started in minutes using a phone, tablet or laptop without having to read a long set of instructions.

  • engaged employees
  • effective feedback
  • managers gain insight

Do you know that employee surveys show one of the worst-rated areas to be lack of feedback?

Employees who feel overlooked have a much higher turnover rate.

Perfeed offers three main functions:

Perfeect – 3 main functions of the perfect feedback tool

What benefits does it deliver to the company?

Employees are motivated to improve – they have immediate feedback on what’s going well and what’s wrong.

They can actively work with feedback that can be evaluated over time and can be returned to at any time – according to their need.

In addition to the outputs for the user, it is also possible to give results to superiors and HR managers.

Did you know that a large proportion of managers see frequent or vulgar gossip in a particularly bad light?

If I am a manager, I can see the outputs of my team.

  • I have an idea of how my people work on projects
  • I can talk with them about the areas with the currently lowest evaluation
  • I see how my people improve
  • I see what development activities have the greatest impacts in practice
  • I do not evaluate solely based on my own perspective

If I am an HR manager, I can work with aggregate data.

  • I know how many employees ask for feedback and how often
  • I know how many people provide feedback and what their relationship is with respect to the evaluated persons
  • I know that feedback is used actively in the company
  • I know that feedback does not remain only in the heads and minds of the evaluated persons and their managers – it is possible to return to it, work with it and use it further

Easy to use on any device – your mobile, tablet and laptop – you need just a web browser.

Features and plans

We have 2 plans  – for individuals and for companies.  You can compare features below.

Features Individuals Companies
Core functions
ask for feedback
give feedback
view results
Give feedback and ask for feedback settings
spontaneous feedback settings  
preloaded colleagues for quick access  
custom predefined events  
custom level of anonymity  
custom competencies  
custom relationships  
View my results
filters – event, time  
overall rating  
top rated events, worst rated events  
rating by groups  
rating by individual evaluators  
sorting by time, events  
Results of others, analytics
manager optionally sees  results of subordinates  
manager sees team statistics  
manager sees team reports  
HR manager sees company statistics  
HR manager sees company reports  
Supported platforms
PC, laptop –  Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS  
tablet – Android, iOS, Windows  
smartphone – Android, iOS, Windows  
native Android application  


We currently offer 2 plans: for companies and individuals. Individuals are charged an unbeatable price – it’s free 🙂 . You can find the price list for companies in the section below. It’s not free, but the prices are still unbeatable 🙂 .

The price of the company plan is based on the number of employees who are evaluated using Perfeed in your company – not how many evaluators there are.

Number of evaluated persons in the company Monthly payment


Price per evaluated person


20 96 4,8
30 120 4
50 164 3,28
100 264 2,64
200 416 2,08
300 480 1,6
500 600 1,2
1000 800 0,88
2000 1280 0,64
3000 1440 0,48
5000 2000 0,4
more as agreed

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